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Why We’re Supporting Reforestation

Why We’re Supporting Reforestation

Recently, there has been a growing awareness of the damage we are doing to the environment. Rising temperatures, soil erosion, and ecosystem collapse. These are some of the challenges we face, amongst many. It’s easy to become despondent and assume that the crisis is too big. However, the problems we face are not insurmountable.

Here at, we passionately believe each of us can make a difference. It’s a philosophy we apply to everything we do. Therefore, we’ve partnered with some incredible charities to tackle the world's most pressing issues. This is one puzzle we can solve. Part of the solution is something you likely see every single day: trees.

The Value of Trees

These remarkable plants are found throughout the world; they adorn our cities and towns. But how often do you appreciate just how amazing they are? They make the air we breathe, the wood we use. They suck carbon dioxide out of the air and bind together the soil so that it does not wash away. It is in the world’s forest that we find the greatest diversity of life. Who doesn't marvel at the creatures living in the dense jungles: from the gentle orangutan to the prowling jaguar? Amazingly, over half of all the world's land-based species live in woodland.

The value of trees cannot be overstated.

These towering giants are essential for human welfare. They absorb greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere, mainly CO2. By the process of photosynthesis, they turn this CO2 into oxygen, which we breathe. They also store the carbon in their trunks and in their roots. Thereby depositing it in the soil, restoring health and vitality of the land. Creatures thrive amongst trees, using them as a source of food and protection. Plus, their deep roots prevent soil erosion, especially following floods.

Put simply; without trees, life as we know it wouldn’t exist.

What can we do to help?

Already, our natural wood puzzles are made from wood harvested from sustainable forests. However, we wanted to do more. Deforestation is a significant problem throughout the world. According to the WWF, ‘between 1990 and 2015, the world lost some 129 million ha of forest.’ That’s the size of South Africa! Yet, without trees, we risk everything. We deprive animals and ourselves of a future. Therefore, we’ve partnered with two fantastic charities to try and make a difference.

We wanted to share their incredible work - encouraging you to help us continue to support them in reforesting the world.

The Eden Reforestation Project

The Eden Reforestation Project started in a small village in Africa. They were touched by the plight of the local people. The land had been deforested, turning the soil to sand. As the desert spread, life became hard: food scarce. Their once bountiful home had grown cursed. Their story wasn’t unique. It was being retold in thousands of villages throughout the world.

Then the project began hiring thousands of villagers to assist in planting millions of trees. The forest returned, and Eden was reborn. The soil regained its health, and food became plentiful once more. The land has been transformed, from a dusty desert into a verdant oasis.

Now the Eden Reforestation Projects are taking these basic principles of reforestation and rejuvenating villages and landscapes worldwide. Currently, they plant millions of trees each month, and have become one of the leading reforestation organizations in the world.

Nor are the benefits confined to the land. With the trees comes opportunities. Villagers gain jobs as planters. Farming becomes profitable once more. Plus, the animals return.

As the organization itself says, they’re planting hope.

By 2025, they aim to plant a minimum of 500 million trees, employing tens of thousands of people. Via they’re cost-effective methods, they’re well on their way. With each puzzle you buy, we donate to their planting project.


Tired of seeing the damage to our collective home, Ecologia was set up to help businesses and individuals make a difference. They saw the range of tools at our disposal, from planting trees to investing in carbon-reducing projects. To connect people working on solving the climate crisis with people who want to donate, they created Ecologia.

The idea was simple. By signing up for Ecologia, members could offset their carbon footprint by funding climate projects. They could set goals they wanted to complete and display their achievements on their profile. It was a fantastic way for companies and individuals to showcase their environmental credentials. To put their money where their mouth is.

Ecologia has been an unbridled success.

Currently, they are working alongside The Eden Reforestation Project, assisting with their work planting trees in Madagascar. Previously, 90 percent of Madagascar’s original forests had been destroyed. Yet, with the help of businesses and individuals through Ecologia, two million mangroves are planned to be planted. Doing so, will revitalize the ecosystem and economy of one of the world’s largest islands.

Additionally, Ecologia has helped dozens of projects. They have restored wildfire scorched lands in Australia, rewilded the hilly Appalachians, and funded solar power in India. Each project must meet the Gold Standard for climate and development interventions. They are thereby maximizing the benefit of their donations.

In fact, over 85 percent of all the money they receive goes on climate projects. Only 12.5 percent is spent on running costs and spreading the word. So, you know your money is having an impact.

We are proud to be working with both organizations.  Please support us, purchasing our beautifully intricate natural wood puzzles. By doing so, we can keep supporting these wonderful projects—one piece at a time.


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