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Puzzles: 3 Reasons Why They Make Amazing Gifts

Puzzles: 3 Reasons Why They Make Amazing Gifts

Jigsaw puzzles have been around since the 1760s when London mapmaker John Spilsbury made the first one. Spilsbury took a map of Europe and pasted it onto a piece of wood. He cut the scroll so that England would be one piece, France would be another piece, and so forth. Affluent people instantly recognized the educational value of these puzzles to teach their children about geography, and a new genre of toys was born.

Nowadays, puzzles come in all forms. From classic jigsaw puzzles to 3D puzzles to linguistic or numeric ones like Sudoku, puzzles are an integral part of people's lives worldwide. If you're looking for a fantastic gift for that special someone in your life, here are three reasons why you should consider giving them a puzzle.

Learning's Automatically Included

Puzzles are a fantastic opportunity to learn. People used the original jigsaw puzzles to learn about geography. Now, puzzles teach people about almost anything. When you put together a wooden puzzle for a working film projector, for example, you're doing more than having a fun afternoon - you're learning about how these machines work, including the principles behind motion pictures.

Humans tend to be very visual and tactile learners. Constructing shapes and objects using pieces helps people understand how things work in reality. There's no better way to learn how planes, movie projectors, and other things work than putting these building blocks together. The best part is that it is fun!

They're Relaxing

In a world where screens, information, and lights constantly barrage us, taking time to build a puzzle is remarkably relaxing. It allows focusing and clearing of the mind to adults and children alike. They're an alternative to potentially harmful screentime for kids and excess work for adults.

People who play sports sometimes talk about how de-stressing it is to play a game, where nothing else in the world matters outside of scoring that goal or striking out that batter. Puzzles provide that same opportunity. The difficulties of work and school subside, and the mind is free to focus on creating in a structured, educational way.

Puzzles Teach About Goals

For children, especially, teaching about goals is essential. You want kids to have goals and aspirations for the future. Unfortunately, as a child, those goals can sometimes feel intangible. If you work hard, you get good marks, and maybe ten years down the road you'll get into an excellent school, and somehow four years after that, you might land a good job.

Puzzles, on the other hand, are tangible moments to teach about goals. Your child's goal is to complete the puzzle, and you can demonstrate how, through diligent, careful, intelligent work, that goal is achievable. Reinforcing goal-setting and the rewards of achieving those goals is a valuable lesson from which most children will benefit greatly.

If You Want the Perfect Gift, Consider a Puzzle!

Puzzles make lovely gifts for both adults and children alike. Everyone enjoys taking the pieces, and from that pile of parts, creating a unique structure that is instantly recognizable. Whether you're taking the countries of Europe and arranging them to look like the continent, or putting together a movie projector, puzzles present a fun, engaging activity that all ages can enjoy!

If you're interested in getting a puzzle for that special person in your life, please look around PuzzleExpert. We have many different puzzles for all age groups and interests!


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