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A Brief Review Of The 3D wood Hurdy Gurdy

A Brief Review Of The 3D wood Hurdy Gurdy

Have you ever heard of the historical stringed instrument that produces the sound by hand crank-turned? Well, today we will discuss the general importance and history of a unique instrument named Hurdy-Gurdy.

This article will provide historical knowledge about the hurdy gurdy and provide background of the wood mechanical and functional replication of this curious 3D mechanical functional puzzle instrument.

What Is a Hurdy-Gurdy?

The real hurdy-gurdy is an ancient stringed instrument with the strings and the wheel to produce a musical sound that closely resembles the tune of the violin. The functionality of the wheel resembles that of the violin bow.

There are wooden tangents that are used to play the melodies on the wooden keyboard. Like other stringed instruments, the soundboard and the hollow cavity are responsible for the vibration of the strings.

History Of The Hurdy-Gurdy 

The historical background of this instrument is quite interesting. 

Pope Innocent LXVIII was a priest in Medieval Europe. He was greatly irritated by the continuous noise and screeching of the cats, who used to keep on creating an irritating noise outside his Rome Office.

At last, he moved from Christiandim to Avignon, but in vain. Finally, he got very enraged and ordered all the cats to be expelled out of the city, and allowed the killing of cats as well. 

As he was a Pope, no one denied him and the cats soon disappeared from the city. But as we know that nature has its ways to maintain balance, so very soon the population of rats extremely exploded in the city. It made the lives of the people difficult.

 The reaction was potent and unbearable, as very soon Black Plague spread out in the whole of Europe and resulted in millions of deaths.

The circumstances were worsening day by day, but thanks to his successor,  Pope Guilty XI.V who decided to solve the problem and introduced the musical instrument to attract the cats as it could produce the squeal of angry cats.

Ugears Mechanical Musical Model | The Hurdy-Gurdy wooden 3D Kit

“It is the world’s first fully functional mechanical model that serves an all-in-one functionality by serving as a toy, puzzle as well as an entirely usable musical instrument at a time.”

In today’s world of technological advancement, we no longer want the same old mashup of a violin, keyboard, and bagpipes, instead, we need a 3D wooden and mechanical replica of the ancient model. Allow us to introduce the first working wooden laser-cut hurdy-gurdy model from UGEARS.

You can get a modern replica of this kit by assembling the wooden parts. But remember that it will take 4-5 hours. However, it has turned out to be a fun activity.

Now that you have read about the 3D wood model of the Hurdy-gurdy, are you curious to purchase this modern replica of this ancient French instrument?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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