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A Brief Review Of The 3D wood Hurdy Gurdy

This article will provide historical knowledge about the hurdy gurdy and provide background of the wood mechanical and functional replication of this curious 3D mechanical functional puzzle instrument.

Premium Heirloom-Quality Puzzles Will Change How You View Jigsaw Puzzles

These premium hardwood heirloom-quality puzzles offer new challenges for anyone tired of the standard design found online or at local stores. 

Why We’re Supporting Reforestation

Recently, there has been a growing awareness of the damage we are doing to the environment. Rising temperatures, soil erosion, and ecosystem collap...

How Can Puzzles Help With Curbing Pandemic Boredom?

Are you bored out of your mind? Has the pandemic sucked out all your energy? Puzzles may serve as the much-needed brainteasers for you and your family to fight off the pandemic boredom.

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